Snowkiting is to snow or ice-covered ground what kitesurfing is to ocean or lake waters. Being a relatively recent sport (started to gather a large following in the 1980s), it still lags behind other winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Snowkiting is however gaining traction in traditional winter sport zones in the US such as Colorado, Utah, California and Minnesota.

One of the key differences between snowkiting and other winter recreational sports is that one can move uphill or downhill irrespective of the incline and the direction the wind is blowing. But this flexibility is also reason for first timers and amateur snowkiting enthusiasts to exercise much greater caution than is required in other snow sports. Like kitesurfing, the thrust from the wind-powered kite must be controlled to avoid dangerous accidents during snowkiting.

Snowkiting is exhilarating and if you want to do something this winter that gives you an adrenalin rush, it does not come any better. As a newbie, learning the ropes under the skilled guidance of experienced snowkiting professional is strongly recommended. It takes quite a bit of practice before you can be confident enough to comfortably snowkite with no assistance although you require just a day to grasp the basics.


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