Breaking up or walking away from any relationship is tough. And it is even tougher if you were really invested in the relationship. Most likely, you put a lot of energy into building it up and planned your future together with this ex. And suddenly all the planning and effort goes down the drain. I went through a similar situation and here is what I did to permanently get over my breakup.

Take time to grieve

Breaking up is painful! So you deserve to cry and grieve. You lost something you considered very special so go ahead and cry but set a deadline for that. Once the deadline is up, start working on getting over it.

Get rid of everything

Delete the pictures, give back the gifts or burn them. It sounds harsh but this is the most physical form of closure you can get. You don’t need things that will remind you of all the things you’ve lost.

Don’t make it a conversation

It’s tempting to tell people about your situation but that just prolongs the process. Pretend like nothing happened and keep it moving. If people ask about the breakup, just tell them, “It just didn’t work out.”

Avoid venting on social media

Hahaha… I made this mistake once. After my breakup, I resulted to Facebook to share all these sad poems and music videos. I got a couple of messages from people trying to console me but all it did was intensify the hurt. And everyone I didn’t know now knew that I had a breakup.

Forgive them but stay away

The worst thing you can do is hold on to the anger and bitterness after a breakup. You must realize that there are no bad people, just bad relationships. Forgive them and let go of the bitterness but don’t talk to them right away and even when you do, it should be brief and occasional.

Don’t stay at home

Get out of the house! The best way to clear your mind is to fill it with new scenes and experiences. When I was going through my breakup, I moved back home and spent a lot of time with my sisters. It took my mind of everything and helped me deal with the breakup.

Don’t date right after

No one should jump into a new relationship right after a breakup. You need time to develop a fresh mindset and regain your appreciation for relationships. Most people rush into relationships and carry the bitterness from the last relationship right into the next one.


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