These days, air traveling is not only limited to using public airline carriers to get you from one point to another. Pretty much similar to land transportation vehicles, there are those that are available for rent or use publicly and privately.

Public air transport is commonly dominated by airbuses and jets while only a few are available using executive helicopters. Private air transport services are also quite dominated by the same type of fleet although helicopter hire may be the more commonly preferred.

Whether you are travelling for a vacation, for business, for special events and the like, private helicopter charter or private helicopter flights are great modes of transportation if you want to make the most out of your time and if you are looking for a great amount of flexibility. In comparison to public air transit, such as travelling with your regular airline carrier, you do not have to worry about fitting your schedule with theirs. You will be solely in charge of when you would like depart. There will be no running late for a flight, no standbys, no tedious long lines, no bumping to the next flight, any waking up too early and etc. This would prove to be very advantageous for many; in addition to that, you get to land basically anywhere as long as there is an open space. The helicopter need not land in an airport, if the place has a helipad or a clear area for the size of a helicopter, then you have found yourself a landing place. This is another great thing about flying using helicopter charter – – the maneuverability.

Now, the question is “Isn’t helicopter chartering or renting expensive?”

Well, yes, it can come a little expensive when compared to the regular promo rates of many public airline carriers. Then again, you need not be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to be able to hire one yourself. Many establishments all over the United Kingdom already offer chartering services for very low rates. And although it can be a little more costly, you can no doubt deny the benefits you will be able to get. The pros outweigh the costs. It will be worth it.

You are most likely to be guaranteed hassle free expedition whether you may be travelling for business, for outdoor events, for special occasions or for short or long vacations.


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