Renting a Car (versus using public transport) is a more convenient, comfortable and flexible way to discover and explore the beauty of Uganda, whether it is a self-drive or chauffeur-driven car. Referred as the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is one of the most endowed safari destinations in the Continent with wide array of attractions that are about to make your trip unforgettable. For this, you need a good ride to properly uncover some of the hidden treasures, which is only possible by renting a car but given the rigidity and lack of privacy of chauffeur-driven cars, you would consider booking a self-drive Car rental in Uganda.

Therefore, here is the procedure of how to book a self-drive Car Rental in Uganda;

First undertake research (by checking on-line)

With the abundance of online information, most aspects of Uganda Car Rental can be easily found by intending self-drive travellers. Just check on internet for different keywords like “Uganda car hire”, “Rental cars in Uganda”, “self-drive tours in Uganda”, “hire cars in Uganda”, 4×4 Uganda and many others, and be sure of getting everything you need. Different Companies offering different Car Rental services at varying rates and booking terms & Conditions. To avoid being victims to fraudsters, we recommend booking with credible Car rental Companies like 4×4 Uganda car rentals with excellent reviews from previous clients.

Send in your inquiries

After checking different websites, you can send in your inquiries to a number of them by filling forms in the “contact or inquire with us” segment or better still a direct email with information on the type of Rental Car you are interested in as well as the number of days you wish or expect to use the  vehicle. From here you can gauge and compare their different prices. Instead of sending inquiries via email, you can directly call and clearly state your interest or you can send your inquiry via whatsapp.


After sending inquiries to different Car rental Companies, you will receive replies with different kinds of vehicles as well as their prices according to your specifications. At this point you can zero down to which Company you intend to use and there is room for negotiations on the rates. Depending on the number of days, you are likely to receive discounts but even though you don’t get, you will have chosen the best deal.

Make a deposit on the Car Rental

Go ahead to make a deposit on the Car Rental if you agree with the rates as well as Terms and Conditions provided by the Company/Agency. At this point you will receive an invoice with bank details and most Car Rental Companies will request for a 10% deposit of the entire payment for the specified number of days. The balance is completed on the day of picking the vehicle or when it is supposed to be delivered to the agreed pick-up point (most preferably a Hotel or place of residence). Most Car Rental Companies in Uganda accept payment by Pesapal or Bank wire transfer thus convenient for most travellers.

Confirmation of the Car Rental Booking

Confirmation of the Booking is normally done by the Car Rental Company, which will send an officially signed and stamped receipt as proof of payment for the Car. The receipt will clearly indicate the car you are paying for, the duration of use (number of days you are paying for), the amount paid, balance and pick-up date.

The scanned copy will be sent to you and all you will do is patiently wait to meet your safari driver at the Company premises/Airport/Hotel or any other agreed pick-up point. As earlier mentioned, the remaining balance will be cleared on the day of picking up the Rental Car and as a reminder, use credible Car Rental Companies to avoid being duped of your hard-earned money.


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