I grew up thinking violence was the way forward,
I grew up thinking violence was love
I mean I can’t blame the young me when all the adults around only knew how to get their point across by putting their fist in the air.

All men around me saw me as a sexual object, I wasn’t even a woman yet
had me wondering what would they do to me when I grow up?

What would they make me do?
Horrifying images, horrifying scenarios for just a kid.

My mother is my daily inspiration I mean how does one lose some, produce more gets beaten down in every way, emotionally and physically fragile
so delicate for such a strong flower
the most beautiful one in fact.

Years and years go by trying to escape this prison we’ve been placed in torture for years, mentally draining.

We ended up hopeless and homeless mama
how’d you stay so strong mama?
So many things I want to ask”
but we have this policy

“observe and don’t ask”
we shut down our hearts for so long,
we were alive but our hearts gave up on us
that never stopped u mama.

Nights where you didn’t know what we’d eat but yet fed us anyways and where was he? far far away not giving a damn
then they ask me
“why do you hate men so much?”
“who hurt you?”

You never needed him, you never needed anyone.
Remember when you were studying for your tests? deadlines after deadlines? with never ending stresses? but you still brought the certificate home mama.
I can barely cope, tell me how you did it mama.

Life comes at you fast but life at the time seemed to be going 100mph it’s been a hell of a ride.

Growing up and thinking love didn’t exist
or love was just way too harsh, didn’t make sense when you have a mother whose able I mean who are they to hinder your shine mama.

Did it all for me, showered me with love when I felt lost and hopeless
wiped my tears when it all came falling down.

A strong black woman who fights against the typical stereotypes,
a strong black woman who is ABLE to do it all without any help.
She’s my hero and she doesn’t even know it.

– Ricapenwrites


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