Stripes are a great pattern for fashion; they can be subtle or bold, can slim you down, can look professional on a business suit, and can add visual interest and depth to any piece you own. Using stripes of different colors and varying widths can make your outfit fun and give you a unique look. Consider how to have fun with stripes on anything you wear.

First consider trying stripes of different widths, rather than just pinstripes. Thin pinstripes are very good for professional suits and can break up a monochromatic look. They can also slim you down and coordinate with your blouse or sweater. However, pinstripes have been around for decades, so you might try thick stripes for a fun touch. Larger vertical stripes can be very slimming and very eye-catching and they’re a unique touch on a professional suit.

You can also have fun with stripes by mixing up the colors. If you see a piece with more than one color for stripes, consider wearing it with something solid so it’s not overwhelming, but different colors of stripes give your clothes dimension and depth.

Typically you don’t mix and match striped pieces but if you do it right, this can also add a unique and personal touch to your wardrobe and create a fun look. You might try pinstriped trousers with a blazer that has thicker stripes, or striped jeans with a t-shirt that has smaller stripes. Coordinate the colors so everything complements but don’t be bound by the old rules that stripes need to match.

Striped pants are also a great touch for any occasion and striped jeans or casual trousers can be a great option when going out. Try white jean with blue or red stripes or red jeans with white stripes. These too can slim down your legs and make you look taller, and are very unique and personal.

Mix up your stripes with other patterns for even more visual interest. You might try striped pants with a polka dot sweater or some other fun patterns. Try to avoid stripes with more geometric shapes as these can be too harsh, so mix it up with softer shapes that are rounded or curved. When you wear striped pants or a striped skirt, try a tee with a fun graphic or sweater with complementary design.

You can also have fun with stripes by introducing them in your accessories. A colorful handbag with stripes or pumps with stripes can be visually stunning but not overwhelming. These can break up a floral print or monochromatic outfit and make your accessories stand out. Toss out the old rules about wearing stripes and have fun with your fashion for your own personalized look.


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