Your dining room should be welcoming and warm and ready for the family. When you sit down to eat, you want to feel relaxed and content and ready to enjoy the meal as well as your company. The décor of your dining room should be considered as much as you consider the décor of any other part of your house, and this includes the pieces you bring into the dining room including your decorations and your dishes. A flower pattern on your dishes can make them look more welcoming and homey, and will add colour to the room. They can also make your table more inviting for guests.

Some flower patterns on dishes can seem old-fashioned and may resemble the type of china your grandmother would have, so it is good to shop carefully for flower-patterned dishes. The color and design of the flowers will affect its overall look; old-fashioned dishes may seem faded and worn whereas modern pieces will have a stronger, bolder colour. You may also see unusual flowers on today’s dishes, such as lotus blossoms, irises, or sunflowers, as opposed to older designs that may have included roses or lilies.

The design of the pieces themselves will also affect their overall appearance, and modern dishes have some subtle differences you might notice. For example, older patterns often had ridges around the edge of dishes to add visual interest, whereas today’s dishes are flat around the edges. Completely flat dishes are seen as modern and clean, and coupled with a bold flower pattern in a strong colour, they make for a very welcoming place setting that is also updated.

Another great way to bring a fun flower pattern to your dishes today is to choose a geometric design or one that takes up the entire piece. Think of flowers that are abstract, in round circles or squares rather than hand painted realistic-looking blooms.

If you want to bring a sense of whimsy or richness to your dining room, then an older pattern or style of dishes may be the best choice. Look for gold motifs with lots of detail, and flower patterns that also involve fruit and greens. These were very popular in fine china for centuries and can add glamour and elegance to your table.

Be sure you dress up the rest of your dining room to complement and coordinate with your new dishes. Add a table runner for some fabric, and use candles even for your weekday meals. Fresh flowers are also appreciated at the dining room table, and using the right glasses and stemware will make a dinner party the toast of the town!


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