Daytime fatigue can be annoying at best, and downright deadly in extreme cases. Drowsy drivers falling asleep at the wheel can cause accidents that cost them their lives and the lives of others, and nodding off at work can cost you your job or put you in harm’s way. If you seem tired in front of others they may mistake this for boredom and your relationships might suffer, and you may miss out on many fun activities because you’re too fatigued to go out. How do you deal with daytime sleepiness and get the rest and energy you need?

Your nighttime sleep habits will affect your daytime energy levels, so this is the first thing to address. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, consider why this might be. Do you stay up too late? Are you drinking too much coffee or cola or something else with caffeine? If you’re heavyset then you might be physically uncomfortable and unable to sleep. You might also have emotional worries that keep you up at night. Address all these issues so you can get to sleep each and every night.

In other cases you may be sleepy during the day because your metabolism is low and you have no energy. Your metabolism is the rate you burn calories every day, and the higher your metabolism, the more energy you have. To raise your metabolism you need to be more active. This may sound confusing, that you need to be more active so you’re less sleepy but it does work. Being active raises your heart rate and your metabolism and in turn, your energy levels. Those who are active also tend to sleep better at night.

Daytime sleepiness can also be caused by a high-stress job as you try to focus on many things at once or feel constantly distracted. The mind needs rest just like the body, and without proper breaks the body may make you feel sleepy so that the mind can shut off during sleep. To address this problem, you need to take regular breaks so your mind can switch off and get rest. During your coffee breaks, take a walk outside or around the building. Be sure you use your lunch hour and don’t spend it working at your desk. During your off-hours, practice yoga or meditation or other habits that help you to relax mentally.

Avoid stimulants like caffeine and energy drinks if you feel sleepy during the day as these can interfere with healthy sleep cycles and may make you anxious and nervous. If you continue to have daytime fatigue, you might also want to see a doctor to rule out health concerns like low iron levels, low blood sugar, and other conditions that may require medical intervention.


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