Saturday, May 21, 2022


Zambia – Smoke on the water

Mosi-o-tunyi has competition. The “smoke that thunders” is being overshadowed by the smoke that drifts over from Zimbabwe, as Mugabe’s henchmen burn squatter camps in the town of Victoria Falls, just across the border. It is an object lesson...

Spain – The Golden Path

On the slopes high above the town of Baena, brothers Don Paco and Don Felipe Núñez de Prado give me a grand tour of their olive groves. The pride they take in the organic cultivation of their trees is...

20 Romantic Things to Do on Holiday in Uganda

New love birds’ moment! It’s a vacation spent together by a newly married couple. After wedding, the couple usually celebrate with a vacation. For some, the best honeymoon can be taken in Africa. Today, honeymoons are celebrated in destinations considered...

Best 7 Vacation Locations You Can Visit in Nigeria

It has been realized that most Nigerians prefer spending vacation outside their country, than in Nigeria, well its good having a vacation somewhere outside your country, but Nigeria is now becoming beautiful day after day and many Nigerians are...

France – Paris in the spring

Artists, designers and the effortlessly hip make their home in the neighborhood of North Marias. Susi Cheshire finds out why. Pictures Paul Cooper Paris’ hippest neighbourhood is the North Marais, the place to soak up some real Parisian culture and...

Snowkiting in Colorado, California, Minnesota and Utah

Snowkiting is to snow or ice-covered ground what kitesurfing is to ocean or lake waters. Being a relatively recent sport (started to gather a large following in the 1980s), it still lags behind other winter sports such as skiing...

Growing In The Jungle

Erica and Matt Hogan imagined an Ewok village and the simple life in the forests of Costa Rica, but their dreams turned out to be a lot bigger than they’d anticipated, as Erica explains to Amy McGoldrick. “At the end...

Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions in Africa You Dare Not Go

You wouldn’t believe it, but Africa is home to some of the most dangerous attractions in the world. It is best to be careful when visiting these sites. Dangerous tourist attractions are guilty pleasures, especially for adrenaline junkies. It’s all...

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